Equality and Diversity

At Huish we believe that everyone deserves to be fairly treated and have opportunities to go as far as their abilities and talents will take them. We have an environment that is respectful, safe and fair which means everyone can learn and work here without fear of bullying, prejudice or discrimination.

The way in which we recruit staff to the college is important to us. It is a powerful advertising tool that sends a very clear message to potential applicants; the message being that if you want to work with us you must not only be able to demonstrate the required high level of performance but also be willing and capable of adopting our ethos and culture. 

Our aim is to eliminate discriminatory practices and any employment decision we make is based on objective, bias free criteria and is not related, in any way, to an employee’s age, disability, race, gender, ethnicity, marital status, sexual origin, religion or belief.  We have been awarded the ‘Positive about Disabled People’ kitemark' in recognition of the way in which we support both existing staff to fulfil their roles, and for our approach in supporting potential new staff in making an application to us. We have a named Equality Manager who heads up the Advisory Committee for Equality.

See what some of our staff say about working for us: 

I couldn't have asked for more support and understanding from the College, it is great to feel valued and it only motivates me to try harder to overcome the illness as quickly as possible and to give back the faith that people have had in me.

Member of staff with Chronic Fatique Sydrome

When my daughter was struggling with mental health issues the College supported me as I supported her. Without their level of understanding and compassion that period of my life would have been much more difficult.

Member of staff

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Please find below the latest Gender Pay Report.

Gender Pay Gap Report March 2018

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Providing you with complete support!

Providing you with complete support!