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Applied Science: Level 3 Vocational (EC/ED)

This is a practical course which focuses on technical laboratory skills, it is suited to students who are looking for grounding in all three of the major science disciplines.


Business: Level 3 Vocational (EC/ED)

You will study a wide range of businesses, looking at how they are run, how they decide on a product or service, where they locate and how they promote themselves. You will gain skills such as report writing, planning, presenting and marketing.

Childcare & Education: Level 3 Vocational (ED)

This course will provide you with the essential skills and licence needed to become an Early Years Educator, enabling you to work with children aged 5 and below.


Criminology: Level 3 Vocational (EC)

This course aims to provide knowledge and understanding of crime and the criminal justice system.


Digital, IT and Computing: Level 3 Vocational (EC/ED)

Throughout this course you will develop an understanding of the technologies used in business and develop your employability skills to prepare you for a digital career.


Drama: Level 3 Vocational (EC)

Drama will you give you the opportunity to develop your individual creativity and broaden your understanding of the demands of theatre.

Health and Social Care: Level 3 Vocational (EC/ED)

This course is suited to those hoping to pursue careers within Social Work, Midwifery, Nursing, Paramedic Science and many more.


Media: Level 3 Vocational (EC/ED)

This course will teach you the skills needed to pursue careers in Television, Film and Radio.


Music Production: Level 3 Vocational Foundation Diploma (EC)

You will look at every aspect of the technology used to create, manipulate and capture music through practical work that includes writing, recording and producing music.


Popular Music and Music Production: Level 3 Vocational (ED)

This course is for anyone with a genuine interest in working within the Music Industry. You will be given the opportunity to submerge yourself in into every aspect of music making focusing on topics such as; production, performance, marketing and promotion.

Popular Music: Level 3 Vocational Foundation Diploma (EC)

You will work as part of a production team; choosing repertoire, writing your own songs, designing promotional materials and working on a budget, to put on a major music concert.

Public Services: Level 3 Vocational (ED)

Public Services provides you with the essential skills needed for a wide range of careers that involve supporting the public, these include working within; the armed services, the police force, local authorities and central government.

Sport: Level 3 Vocational (ED)

Sport is both a theoretical and practical course that gives students an insight into the different career paths sport has to offer. You will gain practical experience of training and exercise and explore the physiological effects this has on our anatomy.