Newly appointed Governors

The Richard Huish College Governing Body was pleased to confirm the appointment of Karuna Tharmananthar in April 2018 for a four year term.

Karuna has recently retired from local government as Deputy Director for development with a focus on developing partnerships and maximising investment in the local area.  He has considerable experience in the delivery of major programmes and projects in support of economic development and urban regeneration.  His experience includes bringing together organisations and people to benefit local communities.

Staff Governor Election Result – December 2018

The Richard Huish College Governing Body welcomed Nikki Lewis as a Staff Governor in December 2018.

Nikki has worked at the College since September 2002. She has had a variety of roles during her time here including teacher, course manager and enrichment co-ordinator; she is currently the course manager of Geography. Nikki believes strongly in providing the best possible academic and pastoral experience for all students who come to Huish and wants to help ensure that we continue to do this as a College. Nikki is heavily involved in her local community via a range of community groups, runs the College litter picking group and contributes to the earth science society.


The College board of governors, or Corporation, has responsibility for ensuring that Huish meets the needs of all its students and that the College will continue to grow, develop and provide the best possible education for the whole community it serves. 

The Corporation has overall responsibility for determining the educational character and mission of Huish, as well as strategic and financial planning.

The Corporation has twenty governor members who are responsible for:

  • the determination and periodic review of the educational character and mission of the College and the oversight of its activities
  • approving the quality strategy of the College
  • ensuring the effective and efficient use of resources, the solvency of the College and the Corporation, and safeguarding their assets
  • approving annual estimates of income and expenditure
  • the appointment, grading, suspension, dismissal and determination of the pay and conditions of service of the holders of senior posts and the Clerk to the Corporation
  • setting a framework for the pay and conditions of all other staff.

Membership of the Corporation includes two student governors, two parent governors and two staff governors, all elected by their respective constituencies. The insight and experience of governors is essential in ensuring that Huish remains on track. With some two thousand students at the College, the Learner Voice is particularly important and the professionalism of governance must support Huish to ensure that we continue to improve the very high standards we have set.

Members of the Corporation come from a wide variety of backgrounds – business, health care, financial and legal – and appointments to the Corporation are made to ensure that there is the necessary expertise to carry out all the statutory obligations set out in the governing document, the Instruments and Articles of Government for Sixth Form Colleges. Other policies which set out the way in which the Corporation must operate are set out below.

Governors meet a number of times during each term and take a keen interest in the work of the College, both through the formal learning environment and through the many other activities and events which make up the College experience.


Code of Good Governance for English Colleges

Standing Orders of the Corporation 2016

Code of Conduct

How We Listen to the Voice of Students and Staff

Committee Membership 2018-19

Calendar of Meetings 2018-19

Published Arrangements for Consultation with Staff and Students

Committees Terms of Reference 2018-19

Member's Report and Financial Statements July 2018

Instrument and Articles of Government for Sixth Form Colleges

Public Access Statement 2016

Student Union Constitution 2014

Governor Recruitment, Succession and Renewal Policy

Conflicts of Interest Policy

Corporation Complaints Procedure

Risk Management Policy

For more information please contact Xanne Blythe (Clerk to the Corporation) on

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Providing you with complete support!